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Do You Like Wearing Red? How to wear red and look auspiciously amazing

There are many ways to wear red. You can can wear red in a subtle way by wearing a red accessory or you can make a bolder statement with the color. Whatever your comfort zone with the color red, there is a way to add this color to your wardrobe

Do you find it hard to wear red? Try accessories!


If red is normally not your color or you are afraid to stand out, then opt for a red accessory. It often really brightens up your outfit and adds extra interest.

Add a red hat or some red lipstick

Sometimes all you need is a red necklace or pendant.   Adding red accessories is also a great tactic when you want to wear clothes that are not necessarily the best color for you.
If you prefer your red to be more muted you can also opt for a darker red like burgundy or marsala.

Wear a beautiful print with the color red

Red is not just for solids, it looks great in many prints too.


Make a statement with head to toe red

Sometimes you just want to stand out and nothing shows more confidence to the world than an all-red outfit.

Add a print into the mix!

Adding a third color will often make your outfit more interesting and dynamic. This will be further enhance if you add some print as well. You can do that within your clothing or with an accessory or shoe.    A very traditional and always chic combination is red with blue and white. It creates a marine look that is always in style.   Red and blue is another versatile combination. Instead of a skirt, opt for some great blue jeans!

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