Paul McCartney on Working with Kanye West and Rihanna


I’m really lucky because people ring up and they say they want to work with me”, he says. “I got a call saying Kanye wants to work with you. I said wow. And then I said yes. Because I’m from Liverpool and that’s what we do.

“Name me one person from Liverpool who would have said no to working with Kanye! So I went and it was completely different from how I usually work. We just jammed and recorded everything that was going on. We did that for a couple of days. He’s a good fun guy to be around. A bit eccentric, but I like that.

“I had to wait for a couple of months before anything happened. I sent him a couple of texts saying how I’d enjoyed working with him, but I couldn’t really ask what was going on. “Then out of the blue he sent me Only One and he told me how he’d been inspired by Let It Be. I found it very moving, because Let It Be was about my mother. After she had died she came to me in a dream. the last words I remembered as I woke up were her telling me to let it be.

The Beatles legend reveals how his Scouse upbringing meant he always says yes to a challenge