Jourdan Dunn: Cooking is my therapy

The British model might look like she’s always on a strict diet, but food is actually one of her greatest passions. In keeping with this she launched Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn, a cooking show via Jay Z’s channel Life+Times.

“It started as a way for me to connect to my fans and introduce a side of myself that people didn’t know,” she explained to “I feel most comfortable in the kitchen. It is therapeutic and where I am most at ease. Plus I love food and cooking is my most favourite past time.”

Of course second to food comes her passion for fashion. Having walked for the likes of Marc Jacobs, the 25-year-old beauty knows a thing or two about style. But rather than relying simply on catwalk creations, she likes to keep things casual.

When she’s not perfecting her look, the fashion star is probably busy with her skincare routine. For Jourdan, it’s never just a simple case of soap and water.

“(It) is kind of intense. Well, not intense, but some other people will look at it and find it surprising,” she recently told Harper’s Bazaar UK. “Every morning and night I take the time out – I’d say a good half an hour – to prep my skin. I swear by a good sheet mask. My favourite is SK-II, it’s especially great for when you’re on a flight or before you go to bed. That way you wake up nice and fresh.”