SPECTACULAR! icebergs off Newfoundland leave visitors awestruck

Iceberg Alley off the coast of Labrador.

The sight of a giant glacial sculpture moored in 50 metres of water, a perfect archway carved right through it by surf and waves, did not disappoint.

“Absolutely beautiful – never seen anything like it before,” said Pete Kottenstette, who relocated to Mount Pearl, NL, from Dallas as part of his work in the oil and gas sector.

Jean-Pierre Renaud of Laval, Que., was equally impressed.

“It’s incredible. It’s just beautiful, seeing the size of it, the colours coming out of it when the sun is on it, it’s just amazing. It’s breathtaking.”


Prehistoric towers and slabs of ice moulded by the sea into shapes of all description have arrived to the delight of tourists as mariners take warning.   

The rare display of frozen natural beauty is attracting people from across the globe, Rogers said.

“Folks are coming from all over the world. They’re just totally intrigued with icebergs.