CARICOM conducting study on human trafficking

Jamaica is among 16 countries included in a CARICOM Secretariat commissioned study on human trafficking in the region, and the results will be used to design evidence based interventions.
The study started last month.
The CARICOM secretariat says the portion of the study being conducted in Jamaica has started and is spearheaded by Dr. Justine C. Pierre, Migration and Labour Market Consultant.
The study was reportedly born out of concern that trafficking in persons is increasingly being identified as one of the largest transnational organised crimes and one of the most underreported crimes in the world.
The CARICOM Secretariat said, given the nature of the crime, and difficulties in obtaining statistics, the true dimensions of this scourge, whether within the region or beyond, is unknown.
CARICOM says concerns about the significant negative impact of human trafficking on the Caribbean region, its profile and the ensuing inadequacy of the allocation of resources helped to propel it into action.