Tyra Banks: I Don’t Like The Label ‘Plus-Size’

Tyra Bank is  currently on a campaign with Special K to ban fat talk  and promote positive body image, told HuffPost Style that the labels that separate women are also harmful:

“I don’t like the label ‘plus-size’ — I call it ‘fiercely real.’ On ‘Top Model,’ we call it fiercely real. I don’t want to use the term ‘plus-size,’ because, to me, what the hell is that? It just doesn’t have a positive connotation to it. I tend to not use it.”

And she practices what she preaches. In 2008, Tyra crowned the “fiercely real” Whitney Thompson  the winner of “Top Model” Cycle 10, with the press labeling her the show’s first “plus-size” victor. Two years later, Tyra launched the “Fiercely Real Model Search” for plus-size teens. Incorporating more diverse body types “plus-size” and otherwise, should be the norm, Tyra says. “We just need to make sure it’s not a trend and that it’s something that’s normal, because this stuff comes in waves and it would be nice to see it become constant,” she told us.

Jennifer Lawrence: It’s Hard To Feel Confident Showing Off Your Thighs

Jennifer Lawrence thighs

We already loved her for her zany, unfiltered interview antics. But Jennifer Lawrence is also becoming our latest body image icon, speaking honestly in interviews about fat shaming, dieting and her struggles with her own self-confidence.

Because even celebs who wear those risqué dresses don’t always feel confident in them. Jennifer Lawrence on good morning about her latest premiere look, a show-stopping Dior ball gown with a completely sheer bottom that showed off her legs. Was it her favorite dress so far, asked Robin Roberts?

“No, I wouldn’t say that,” quipped J. Law. “I think any time a girl has to show her thighs, it’s never going to be her favorite look. I loved it, I loved the dress… if somebody else wore it,” she laughed.

She added, “I mean it’s hard for any woman to look at a picture of herself and be like, ‘Yeah, yeah… great job!'”

Which, unfortunately, is all too true — and Jennifer isn’t afraid to admit it. While we wish we could shake Jennifer and tell her how awesome she looked (that dress was seriously killer), hearing a gorgeous star speak openly about the same body issues we “normal” gals share is refreshing.

“The world has a certain idea — we see this airbrushed perfect model, and then if you don’t look like that…” it’s as if you’re doing something wrong, Lawrence said earlier this month. But having stunning celebs proudly showing off their realistic, imperfect bodies — and encouraging other women to do the same — might be one step towards overthrowing that expectation.