Jamaicans:Here is how they entertain themselves during isolation

Do you want to know how the Jamaicans keep their families together in these trying times?Celebrities and fans alike have been finding old and newfangled ways to stay sane while they self-quarantine at home. Since the pandemic forced a lot of people inside, people found solace in social media, which acts both as a news source as well as an entertainment source. Social media is known for its instant reach, and there has definitely been a rapid increase in their inventions lately.

Black American dance crazes in the 1920s to 1960s

The black americans began dancing without partners in large groups in the 1950s with the birth of modern R&B and rock & roll and as the world took note it began to catch on, a trend that continued into the soul, funk, and disco eras, as well, and beyond into the 21st century. This set chronicles the rise of modern isolated dances with tracks linked to black Americans dance crazes from the late ’50s and ’60s, featuring the Mashed Potato, the Chicken Scratch, the Twist, the Hully Gully, the Bird, and dozens more: The black Americans were also very much into high end fashion;Their attire especially when going to a dance club were slick chic boasty sharp and classy. Click page number 2 to read more