Economy could grow 5% in fiscal 2022 says BOJ but stock exchange market still bearish

Stock market investors traded nearly $3 billion worth of shares in May, a lower value than the market’s pre-COVID activity, but the first month of real recovery for the JSE index since the fallout began in March.
Sixteen stocks made gains of more than 20 per cent in the month, which would have allowed opportunities for investors to recoup portions of their lost portfolio values.
The JSE Combined Index climbed by 13 per cent to close May at 381,314 points, from 337,506 points on March 25 when the market hit bottom – but not enough for a return to a bull market, which would have required a gain of 20 per cent or more.
The market also gave up some of its gains in the first week of June, and is still down 25 per cent year-to-date, even with the phased reopening of the economy that began June 1.

Fewer teachers died since schools closed in March, says JTA president

PRESIDENT of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association Owen Speid, claiming that with fewer educators dying since schools were shuttered in early March due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, says it might be an indication that the stress levels of the classroom have adversely impacted the health of teachers.
“I must bring to the attention of Jamaica that before COVID-19 we at the association had to attend two or three or sometimes up to five funerals each week. That is when the teachers were in the classroom. Since COVID-19 and the schools are shuttered, teachers are at home and even though they are having challenges dealing with the emergency virtual teaching, what we are finding is that since March 13, because they are out of the stressful classrooms, the hot classrooms, is that we only have had about two or three deaths since March 13, 2020,” the controversial JTA head told a Rotary Club of St Andrew, yesterday.