Does Piano players have unique and beautiful brains?

17 year old Iana Tickle Garcia plays the piano.

Here is why studies have brought us to the conclusion that piano players are uniquely intelligent beings.

Piano is one of the if not the ultimate instrument in terms of skill and demand:

Science has proven that piano players brains are different from everybody els’s.

Two hands have to play together simultaneously while navigating 88 keys.

A pianist can play up to 10 notes at a time.

Piano players have a better connection going on with their frontal lobes than most other people. To understand what this means, you have to consider multitasking. Doing more than one thing at a time can be difficult for some people, for others, like piano players it preferred.

Look stylish in yellow pantsuit like beauty queen Iana Tickle Garcia

Yellow is a colour of the sun it shines! It’s a flirty romantic and luxurious colour and instantly attracts attention;So here’s how to wear yellow and brighten up your day: If you have a medium or olive skin tone like the beauty queen Iana Garcia seen in the pic above, you are advised to experiment with lemon yellow and super-daring yellow tones, such as a bright tone, which will glow up your skin.

Yellow pants is a natural bright for your 2019 wardrobe so Go for that yellow pantsuit and complete it with a bra top or a flare yellow blouse, white clutch and a pair of cute heeled white shoes.  High-waisted yellow trousers can look more relaxed with a striped sweater worn with black or gold pumps to complete the look. Saturated yellow pants look great with gray or navy blouse or blazer jackets. Pastel yellow pleated pants can be paired with a white-or blue print sleeveless top;You can complete the look with a pastel blue double-breasted coat
 you can wear pink, red, blue, gray, white, beige or brown color shoes,this will definitely brighten things up.