Jamaica’s Road deaths head to 400 mark

For the seventh year in a row the country has failed to meet the national target of keeping road fatalities below the 300 mark.

According to the latest figures from the ministry’s Road Safety Unit (RSU) released two days ago, 300 people have already been killed on the nation’s roads since the start of the year.

Last year 386 people died on the nation’s streets making 2018 the deadliest in the past 15 years. Between January 1 and September 10 last year 281 people died in road crashes. Of this number motorcyclists account for the highest demographic with about 90 road deaths followed by pedestrians with over 70 fatalities.
After missing the more than the decade old 300-per-year target. Exceeding 400 victims this year, means that this would be the first time that passed the figure since 2002, when 408 people were killed on the roads.

Extensive physiotherapy for USA Entertainer Kevin Hart who was involved in a serious car accident

Kevin Hart will need “extensive physical therapy” after his car crash. The 40-year-old actor underwent surgery on his back at the weekend to rectify the injuries he sustained when his car veered off the Mulholland Highway in Malibu, and although the surgery was a success, he will need physical therapy in the coming weeks, TMZ reports.
Kevin is expected to be released from the hospital by the end of this week.
The Ride Along star was in the car with two other people – driver Jared Black and Black’s fiancee Rebecca Broxterman – when his Plymouth Barracuda veered off the highway in Malibu Hills, California, and ended up in a gully about 10 feet off the road.