Attorney Raymond Clough has died from cancer

Prominent attorney-at-law Dr Raymond Clough died yesterday morning at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), Mona, after a long illness. He was 71.
According to Clough’s youngest daughter, Kristina, he died after she had taken him to the hospital from their home in St Andrew at about 6.30 am.

Clough had been battling cancer for over a year, but had been active in his firm Clough, Long & Company up to the time when a year-long suspension from practising law was imposed on him by the Disciplinary Committee of the General legal Council (GLC).

The suspension, which took effect on September 1, followed a complaint against him by leading Queen’s Counsel Frank Phipps. He earned a PhD from Nottingham University in England and is a past student of Campion College.

Young Jamaican lawyer and advocate for the poor and marginalized got killed

Fairclough, was shot dead as she drove her car in the Brook Green area of the northern resort town of Ocho Rios Friday evening. She succumbed to her wounds at hospital.

Her mother who was a passenger in the vehicle was also shot and has been admitted to hospital in a “serious but stable condition”, police sources confirmed yesterday.

Initial police reports are that a car drove up alongside that which Fairclough and her mom were in and armed men started firing into the vehicle hitting Fairclough in the upper body and leg.

Police said that Fairclough’s mother was shot in the abdomen.

One police source said that the incident had all the ingredients of a contract-style killing but insisted that it was too early to conclude that.

“We are continuing our investigations. So far we have no leads but we will stop at nothing to apprehend the attackers,” one senior police officer who asked not to be named because he was not leading the investigation.