Artist Jamiel release new song

Reggae star Jamiel release new single money;I received this link in my email today from one of my followers,glad I listened because I really like the way he sang on the Aircraft riddim;I also found that our dancehall princess Shensea did a tune to the same riddim;I really like the way they ride it! Have a listen for yourselves. The money song will definately be my money anthem song.
First Jamiel

Sunshine Is Really The Best Medicine

Have you ever wondered why the sunshine makes people

happy? When you are exposed to the sunlight you release

a harmone called serotonin;It’s linked to boosting a good

feeling,its a mood booster. When it gets dark your brain

triggers the harmone known as melatonin which can bring

on sleepyness and sometimes bad moods as seratonin is slowed.

So that’s why when the sun shines people happy emotions

are triggered.

Here is to Happiness Health and Sunshine.