Janelle Monae has lost track of the days while in quarantine

The 34-year-old singer and actress has been spending time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has said she’s begun to lose count of how many days she’s spent indoors because every day seems the same.
She said: “I don’t really know what day it is most days and nights. I’m questioning time – does it even exist?”
Monae has been using her time to give back though, as her company, Wondaland Arts Society, have teamed up with the coronavirus-inspired charity Project Isaiah to help feed those in need, with airline caterer Gate Gourmet making and distributing the meals.
Speaking about the charitable deed, she added: “Yes, we are in this together. But we’re not all going through the same experience financially.

Monae recently revealed that she started her production company to ensure that she and other black women have “freedom and choice” in their movie roles.

The Hidden Figures star explained: “I have a company now called Wonderland Pictures, and we hope to be bringing Steven Spielberg, George Lucas trilogy-level science- fiction franchises to the world.

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