Musician Benjy Myaz is back

Benjy Myaz a reggae artists who made the durag popular in the music world.

Singer and musician Benjy Myaz’s newest project, Rootsy Rhapsody, recently encountered a derailment owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the entertainer is taking this in his musical stride and continues tapping to the beat. After all, Rootsy Rhapsody has been 11 years in the making, and challenges are nothing new.

“A derailment doesn’t mean that things come to a permanent stop. When the train is derailed, the tracks can be fixed and things get moving again. It’s the same here,” Myaz told The Gleaner of Rootsy Rhapsody, which was originally an EP, but which is now simply “the project”.

As fate would have it, just as Myaz emerged from a hiatus and decided to embrace the project fully, scheduling a series of regional launches in the US, with the intention of then jetting into Kingston for the big one, there came COVID-19. But rather than wait another 11 years, the launch will go as planned, virtually. “I was in Hanover caring for my parents, and then my father passed. After that, we arranged for my other siblings to take care of my mother while I finished up some work, and then she too passed. So it has been like that,” he said without a pause.

Yet to confirm a solid date for the online launch, Myaz is nonetheless quite eager to share this “classic piece of work” with fans. “It’s 10 songs in all but not 10 different songs as there are mixes of some of the same songs.

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