Jodian Fearon’s mother still hurting after her death

Portia Haughton (left) is pictured with daughters Jodian Fearon (second left), Shanice Lloyd, and husband Orrett following Fearon’s graduation ceremony at The University of the West Indies last November. Fearon died after being denied access to health care in April.

SHATTERED by the death of her youngest daughter a month ago after she was denied access to health care at several of the island’s major hospitals, Portia Haughton wants legislation in place to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.
Her call comes a day before her expected release from quarantine, a process which began on May 13 when she arrived in the island from New York — the then epicentre of the United States’s novel coronavirus outbreak.

It has been the most trying period in her life, she told the Jamaica Observer in an interview yesterday.

Her tears are never-ending and comfort eludes her, but once released Haughton said that she will attempt to pick up the pieces of her family’s broken world — caused by 23-year-old Jodian Fearon’s untimely demise — through advocacy and a fight for justice.

“I’m hoping what happened to my daughter will bring about legislative changes to the hospital system, because there’s no possible way four hospitals should have denied a pregnant mother treatment. You cannot have a society like that and it doesn’t matter the circumstances; she died because she didn’t get care,” Haughton stated.

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