Jamaica’s Child Resiliency Programme donates condiments and books to vulnerable families

Some 220 at risk or vulnerable families in 22 communities in St James, Kingston and Falmouth are benefitting from care packages consisting of basic food items, reading books and worksheets for children attached to the Child Resiliency Programme.

“Preliminary results of a parent phone survey of 220 parents showed that most of the parents of these children enrolled in the programme, have lost their jobs, particularly for the Falmouth and Montego Bay parents who were employed in the hospitality industry. For Kingston, most of them have also lost their income because of COVID-19,” informed Dr Kim Scott, director of the Child Resiliency Programme, an initiative of the Violence Prevention Alliance.

Scott said the survey was conducted to families attached to the programme for this academic year to find out their core needs, how they are coping with the issues surrounding COVID-19 , being laid off from work and their ability to access food. They also reported on their ability to access a smart phone with Wi-Fi connection to encourage learning for the children.

The Child Resiliency Programme targets at risk children who are referred to the programme by the guidance counsellors of their respective schools. The programme aims to build resiliency in  children by focusing on promoting physical, social, cognitive, vocational and moral competence.

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