Murders in Jamaica increase by 12% so far this year

Latest data from the Police High Command show a 12 per cent increase in murders so far this year.
Some 233 cases of homicide were recorded between January 1 and February 29, compared to 209 during the same period last year.
The St. Andrew South Police Division, which is under a State of  Emergency, recorded 28 murders, the highest for the two month period, followed by St. Andrew North with 27, St. Catherine South with 22 and Clarendon 20.
There was a 285 per cent increase in murders in St. Andrew North.
St. James and Westmoreland, which are under a State of Emergency, recorded major reductions in murders.
Some 104 illegal guns and 14,000 rounds of ammunition were seized by the security forces during the two months.
There were reductions in all other major crimes such as shootings, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, break-ins and larceny.

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