Dancehall star Tippa is dead

Another Popular dancehall dancer is gone; Tippa has died and the community has been paying homage to the legend.

It has been a very harsh couple of months to welcome the start of the new year in the music industry. Death has struck again, and this time it is veteran, Jamaican dancer Tippa, who has fallen out of the music fraternity dying at a young age. News of his passing reached the masses after it was shared on social media shortly after his death on Tuesday, February 18. It quickly became a time of mourning for the dancing fraternity, as the veteran dancer whose real name is Fredrick Moncrieffe touched many lives through his dancing career, which began in the late 90s.

The Jamaican Observer, fellow dancer and principal of Dance Xpressions Orville Hall mentioned, “I knew him from the 90s. And because mi in and out of the island, mi never used to see him often, but we woulda link up at World Reggae Dance Competition. His death is a painful loss and it hit hard like a ton of bricks.”

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