Ghost ship brought ashore in Ireland by Storm Dennis

Rescue 117 was tasked earlier today to a vessel aground near Ballycotton, Cork. There was nobody on board. Previously the @USCG had rescued the 10 crew members from the vessel back in September 2018. The vessel has been drifting since and today came ashore on the Cork coastline.
— Irish Coast Guard (@IrishCoastGuard) Feb 2020 Engineers will inspect the 80-metre long vessel while it remains aground in Ireland, Cork City Council has said.
Members of the public have been warned to stay away as the ship is stranded on a dangerous and stretch of coastline, with the waters still raging following the weekend’s extreme weather.
RTE reports that a pollution risk assessment will be carried out, but it is not believed to pose any immediate concern given the length of time the vessel – which dates back to 1976 – has been adrift.
Two days ago @HMSPROTECTOR discovered this apparently abandoned Merchant Vessel whilst mid-Atlantic.

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