Wooden carved Welsh statue from around 1510

In the 20th century, the triple harp was almost completely ousted by the pedal harp, and musical emphasis moved from traditional to classical. But the tradition was kept alive by Nansi Richards, Telynores Maldwyn (the Montomeryshire Harpist), who was trained in the traditional style by Telynor Ceiriog at the beginning of the 20th century. Despite the fact that only a handful of players still played the triple harp when she died in 1979, through her vibrant personality and enthusiasm, her influence was widely felt and she passed on her skills to people such as Dafydd and Gwyndaf Roberts (Ar Log) and Llio Rhydderch.

The two most prominent leaders of the recent revival are Llio Rhydderch and Robin Huw Bowen. Between them, they have put the old triple harp back on its feet in its own right, rather than in the shadow of other kinds of harps, and have highlighted the instrument’s unique technique and sound.

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