The influence of National Hero Marcus Garvey’s parents

In order to join in the conversations taking place this Black History Month, many people will be trying to learn a bit more about our national heroes. Their quest for information about the most popular, Marcus Garvey Jr, will doubtlessly cause some to ask about his parents. What were they like that they produced such an extraordinary man?
“Garvey was … a polymath:said Michael Reckford, he excelled in many different areas of human thought and practice. He exemplified a capacity for creating complex organisations, for extraordinary leadership talent, for extrapolating from the last half-millennium new philosophical insights relevant to the survival and development of Africa and its diasporas; in addition, he demonstrated an appreciation for the arts and was also, as poet, song lyricist and playwright, a practitioner of the arts; he was an entrepreneur, publisher, journalist and visionary.”
That paragraph is from UWI Professor Emeritus of Political Thought Rupert Lewis’ latest book on Garvey, eponymously titled Marcus Garvey. It was published by the University of the West Indies Press in 2018 as part of the Caribbean Biography Series which “celebrates and memorialises the architects of Caribbean culture”.

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