Charles Dickens unpublished letters

The 25 unpublished letters are part of a huge collection of manuscripts, books from his library and personal items.
They have been in London and will go on display later in the year.
The acquisition is being announced to mark the writer’s birthday on Friday.
While he was writing A Christmas Carol, Dickens sent a letter dated 9 November 1843 to a close friend.
“I have half done the Christmas Book, and am resting for two days before going to Chuzzlewit [Martin Chuzzlewit, his sixth novel] – that is, if I can call anything rest, with that before me.

Image copyright Charles Dickens Museum Image caption An envelope from Dickens’ letters talking about the progress of A Christmas Carol
“Yesterday I walked a great deal. Today I am going out on horseback, for a thirty mile ride.”
Cindy Sughrue, director of the Charles Dickens Museum, says the letters shed light on Dickens’ “creative process” and help answer the question “what did he do to enable himself to write?”
Exercise was clearly important. Another letter was written in 1846 when Dickens and his family went to stay in Switzerland for several months. At the time he was starting work on Dombey and Son.
“It is a tough day, but it is a great thing to get rid of the heat… I may perhaps take a boat for exercise, this evening after dinner…” Dickens wrote.
Sughrue finds fascinating Dickens’ ability to keep on working, no matter what his circumstances.
“It’s this mixture of being on holiday… enjoying a completely different culture and still ‘writing his head off’ and meeting those publication deadlines throughout,” she says.

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