Bob Marley offsprings open learning center in Trenchtown

This quote from one of Bob Marley’s sons has been a pivotal guiding ­principle behind the conception and design of the Cornerstone Learning Centre, located at the intersection of East Road and 4th Street in Trench Town, Kingston, according to executive director of the Ghetto Youths Foundation, Eva Silverstein.
Stephen and his brothers, Damian and Julian, are the principals of Ghetto Youths Foundation which funded the state-of-the-art facility, designed with a flexible learning space in the form of an academic study hall, computer lab and learning library.
The venue, which had a soft opening on Wednesday, the eve of Bob Marley’s 75th birthday anniversary, will open its doors to students on Monday, February 17, in the very community where he was raised and began his musical career. It was designed with the purpose of providing learning and academic support, ­mentoring and guidance, and to encourage the youth from Trench Town to strive for excellence.
With very strong Wi-Fi signal already in place, the Cornerstone Learning Centre will definitely be a game changer for the inner-city community.
There is an academic study hall which can accommodate individualised study and tutoring or group classes, as well as test preparation. Then there will be a specialised PEP programme and remedial reading, according to Silverstein.
“That’s a large space that can accommodate 30-40 children and teachers at a time. Then there is the computer lab which is outfitted by Hotwire Communications with 4io laptops and 50-inch smart TVs for teaching. So, in addition to computer programming and computer ­literacy, we will also have a long-term and long-distance relationship with Hotwire, where they will be able to do remote teaching from Miami via the big-screen TVs and broadcast straight into the classroom here in Trench Town.”

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