Newest Caribbean Artist Moyann Flirtatious In Her Videos But Is Generally A Quiet Young Lady

According to the dancehall fraternity she is quiet but can bring it on in her music videos. Her given name is Moyann Montique, but she goes by just ‘Moyann’. Her break out single “Netflixx N Chill” which was released on DJ Frass’ Netflixxx Riddim juggling has already seen the airwaves and clubs and slowly making its way into the international market.

Netflixxx N Chill is available on all digital music store. Distribution is being done by Zojak World Wide.
Moyann took a leave of absence from studying shipping and logistics science at the Caribbean Maritime University (formerly Caribbean Maritime Institute) to pursue a career in music. She understands that to the traditional person, it might seem like an unwise idea, but she says: “I plan to complete my studies, but I knew I could not focus on both at the same time. It will happen in time.”
Among her other song is Moyann – A Nuh My Style you can listen it on youtube.
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11 thoughts on “Newest Caribbean Artist Moyann Flirtatious In Her Videos But Is Generally A Quiet Young Lady

  1. I like the message in her song titled A Nuh My Style Dat; It really stick because I’ve seen too many young women especially young women losing their lives fighting over a cheating partner,RIP young black girls.


  2. I hope when these jealous and short tempered women listen to her song they will stop killing each other over a piece of flesh,life is short learn to be strong and walk away.


  3. Over the years I’ve seen black women acid one another over a man,its years long thing going on,listen to moyann’s a nuh my style and gain some inspiration young ladies.


  4. I like the last song a nuh my style because my eldest sister got a piece of her ears bitten off while fighting over a man she thought was solely hers.


  5. I like the message that she sends in a nuh my style dat,the younger generation of women stop stop it now,stop abusing and hurting other females over men;if he was yours to begin with you would not have to resort to such a drastic measure. I already known over 7 of my friends that are damaged physically over fighting about who a man belongs to. We need to tackle cheating with a more mature outlook. losing your life and taking a life is not worth it,in the end the man will just move on with another female. Get a grip of your selves women.


  6. My friend lost her life fighting with another woman over her husband;I still feel sad about it,especially when I know that if she had not been in a brawl,she would have been alive today.


  7. That book was a good read! Helpful item to keep near your kitchen,I’m glad that I downloaded it on my kindle reading device. I ordered the hard cover to send to my daughter and son inlaw as a gift.


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