Jamaica Toni Ann Singh Is Miss World

Singh won from a field of 114 contestants at the 69th edition of the pageant in London today.

She now becomes the fourth Jamaican to win the title — Carole Joan Crawford in 1963, Cindy Breakspeare in 1976 and Lisa Hanna in 1993.

Singh, who had secured her place in the top 40 by winning the talent competition at the “Beauty with a Purpose” Gala Dinner in London, advanced to the final round of the competition along with Miss Nigeria, Miss Brazil, Miss India and Miss France.

In addition to dancing to Jamaican singer Koffee’s Toast, she also performed her version of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” live.

Singh was ahead of France who was second and India who was third.
Congratulations from sunbelz.

23 thoughts on “Jamaica Toni Ann Singh Is Miss World

  1. Her voice is so nice, I said to myself this girl is not fully black because of her voice.Turned out I was right,me and my family argued back and forth about whether she was black enough or not.,silly but true.


  2. Koffee meh love me koffee;I like how she danced to koffee song,did anyone managed to get the clip? dis black girl toni ann can dance me a tell unuo.


  3. I am the moment stealer for all jamaican women,where the jamaican girls at,show me and I will surely steal their moments. Deep down I can’t bare to see them win anything,all eyes must be on me,even when its them that win the prize.


  4. I could’nt help making your win all about myself now everyone is talking about me instead of you,hope that you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me putting the sly on you at a time when the camera should’ve been pointing at your face only,I mischievously made sure they point it at me instead. Forgive my fellow jamaican contestant.


  5. She was a clear winner from the start,did anyone watched it all the way, she was very different from them she humble and intelligent answer to all questions.


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