Sunbelz Masterclass:How to cook chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of the go to meals when someone is looking to warm up in the winter months, or trying to boost their immune system to get rid of common colds and flus because it’s such a healthy meal and is also very very delicious. So here is how to cook it; Simmer enough raw chicken bits or enough chicken in a pot with cillery carrots pepper corn some irish potato and some herbs and bring the mixture to a boil;Roll some flour in a dough and put some dumplings in that pot, check and stir the pot from time to time let cook for about two hours or more until it starts to smell real good! then add a packet of chicken noodle and stir, add salt and pepper to taste if you like and let cook some more for a few minutes;You’ll definately know when that chicken noodle soup is done.

18 thoughts on “Sunbelz Masterclass:How to cook chicken noodle soup

  1. Your explanation is simple and straight to the point;I like that,other people go through too many hoops to tell you how to cook chicken soup and leave their readers confuse. It’s a sign of a highly intelligent person when you can explain things in simple terms so that everyone can understand,quick and straight to the point.


  2. Caribbean people love dumplings I’m a Trinidadian and in my household even when we travel to another country we have to eat dumplings every week.true dat.


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