Supermodel Alexia Palmer:What is she doing now?

lexia Palmer’s luminous skin, captivating features, winning smile and determination was a recipe for success from the day she arrived at Pulse. Snatching second place in the agency’s 2010 Caribbean Model Search at merely 17 years old, the ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ beauty booked Vogue without even leaving the shores of Jamaica, becoming the first Caribbean model to have accomplished this feat.
Since then, Palmer has gone on to sign with the largest agency in Europe, Model’s 1, and Trump Models in New York; score a campaign with French beauty powerhouse Chanel, just two weeks after her London arrival; booked Teen Vogue with the cast of Glee; and can now add Iman Cosmetics to her growing catalogue.

2 thoughts on “Supermodel Alexia Palmer:What is she doing now?

  1. Its alexia palmer I use to follow her but a few years and snot see her anymore. Maybe she’s in a relationship and pregnant or had a baby,sometimes when someone disappears its because they’re looking after young ones.


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