How to get toned belly like Jamaica miss universe Emily Maddison

These are some of the things you can do to keep your tummy and bum tight and fit like Emily Maddison:

Step 1: Cardio training and Strength Training. Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial in getting a toned belly. You can do a thousand sit-ups every day, but with too much body fat you will never see the muscles that you’re working. Unless you are at a healthy weight your abs muscles will stay hidden underneath the fat. Cardio & total body strength training will help you burn calories and keep a lean figure. Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardio at least 4 days a week for the best results for toning.

Step 2: Abdominal exercises. Exercising those abdominal muscles is important for getting a washboard stomach but variety is what will bring you the best results. Work the entire abs set; upper, lower, sides and oblique’s in order to see a difference.

Step 3: Healthy eating. All of the cardio and sit-ups in the world will go down the drain if you eat unhealthily or take in too many calories. What your diet consists of matters as well; make sure that you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fiber, and whole grains.

Step 4: Avoid excess sodium, alcohol, and soda. All of these lead to either empty calories or bloat that all serve as barriers to toning your stomach.

Be active every day to prime your body for toning. You’ll need to get in basic shape before you can start really toning your muscles. If you move directly into intense exercise, you’re much more likely to get overwhelmed and quit or even injure yourself. Start building your endurance by getting off the couch and being active in your everyday life.

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