20 thoughts on “Singer and producer Mr Vegas poster quotes that we like

  1. This song could never have come at a better time. I do not like how black skin jamaican men and women cursing swearing and beating up each other like that;so your song makes sense. We need a divine intervention.


  2. Whats causing jamaicans to act so angry with one another since of late? I like vegas but he is speaking the truth about black people in his country and around the world. Keep preaching the message.


  3. If you Look closely at their faces, I think they were actually drunk during the filming of this video lol 😂😂🤪 it’s just my opinion only.


  4. Why the jamaican men and women start to fight with each other? years ago they use to have happy and loving relationships,now everywhere I see is homocide!! it’s even happening in the uk america cayman islands bahamas. It’s like everywhere they run into one another it result in some one getting seriously hurt?? The men keep killing all the women.


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