Reggae singer Nesbeth is mourning the death of his brother

Jamaican entertainer Nesbeth had to cut short his promotional gig in North America after receiving news of his brother Anthony Brown’s untimely passing.
Brown’s death brings the toll to six family members in six years.

“I got the news while I was onstage and it has shaken me up. I kept getting flashes of times we spent together. I made him and myself a promise that I was going to open many doors of opportunity for him. Unfortunately, life never allowed him to be around to see not even a quarter of such come to pass. It pains my heart deeply; still can’t believe he’s gone,” said Nesbeth in a release sent to the Jamaica Observer.

According to the reggae singer, he was onstage in Brooklyn, New York, when he received the news and had great difficultly completing his set.

Brown, the younger sibling of the singer who shares the same mother, passed away on Saturday, August 25 at the Kingston Public Hospital, only days after being admitted to the facility. The nature of his illness is still undisclosed.

Other members lost in the last six years include his beloved grandmother, mother, wife, sister and aunt.

Nesbeth, given name Greg Nesbeth, hails from the tough inner city of Arnett Gardens in Kingston. He is known for songs including My Dream, Victory, Abuser, and Guns Out.

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