Unagreed Trelawny officials to meet with local gov’t minister tomorrow

The mayor, who is also the chairman of the TMC has placed the blame for his absence squarely at the feet of Custos of Trelawny Paul Muschett, who he accused of overstepping his bounds and gave instruction for the inspection to commence at 10:25 am—–two minutes after his arrival, and five minutes ahead of the scheduled start.

During an exclusive interview with the Jamaica Observer West, Gager explained that he arrived at the municipal corporation building 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled 10:30am start of the function, which was held in the historic Water Square, a short distance away.

He noted that it was while he was awaiting to be queued by a coordinator on site at the ceremony that former mayor, Councillor Jonathan Bartley came running to inform him that the custos had given instructions for the inspection to start.

“The person on the ground doing the coordination had said to me that I should wait for her to beckon me for when the driver will take me around to the stand with escort. We were there when she beckoned me that I should now be prepared to go out and as we were there going out with the driver coming around to take me there was custos who entered on the stand, and Mr Bartley came to tell me that the function has started,” the mayor disclosed.

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