In 2017 Jamaican students top 14 CSEC subjects

Jamaican students have topped 14 of 35 subjects in the 2017 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams. 
The subjects include English language, mathematics and information technology.
CSEC is done mostly by fifth-form students who then move on to the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE). 
In CAPE, Jamaica students achieved 21 top positions out of the approximately 70 units offered.
Top Jamaican students in CSEC: 
1. English language
Arielle Buckle – Immaculate Conception High 
Alexandria Burnett – Immaculate Conception High
2. Mathematics
Shanelle Marshall and Lori-Ann Knight – Campion College
3. Information Technology
Korian South – The Hampton School 
4. Agricultural Science (Single Award)
Jhordn Smith – Oracabessa High
5. Biology
Athena Pagon – Immaculate
6. Caribbean History
Morgan-Leigh Miller – Campion College
7. Economics
Ayoka Myles – Campion College
8. English literature
Victoria Parague – Campion College
9. French
Jason Decambre – Campion College
10. Jason Decambre – Campion College
11. Principles of Accounts
Saisheershika Nareddi – Petersfield High Evening Institute
12. Religious Education
Cindy Gayle – Wolmer’s Girls
13. Textiles, Clothing and Fashion
Cai Townsend – Montego Bay High
14. Food, Nutrition and Health
Avery Barnett – Immaculate 

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