Jamaica’s Education Minister Karl Samuda Is Happy With CSEC Results

Karl Samuda said that higher scores were recorded in 23 of the 34 subjects taken. He noted that of the 32,617 students who sat CSEC this year, 89.3 per cent obtained grades one to three. English language and mathematics recorded percentage passes of 82.8 per cent and 54.6 per cent, respectively. The results represent a 7.4 per cent increase in passes for English and 3.2 per cent decrease in passes for mathematics.

Samuda said there were also improvements in the sciences and some mathematical-related subjects, with integrated science having the highest percentage increase of 22.7 per cent. There were also improvements in the average pass rates for chemistry (8.6 per cent); biology (2.6 per cent); physics (3.9 per cent); additional mathematics (3.8 per cent); agricultural science – single award (7 per cent); technical drawing (3.7 per cent); information technology (2.2 per cent); music (10.9 per cent); textile, clothing and fashion (8.7 per cent) and visual arts (11.3 per cent).

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