Police probing separate murders in St. Andrew Central

The St. Andrew Central Police are probing two murders in separate incidents in the division. 
In one incident, a man was murdered outside a strip club on Old Hope Road Friday morning.
The deceased has been identified as 42 year old Anthony Gaby, alias “Bookie”, a resident of Providence Pen Lane in Swallowfield, St. Andrew.
Investigators reported that shortly after 12:30, Mr. Gaby was standing at the entrance to the Lucky 38 Club, directing patrons in the parking lot, when two men on a motorcycle drove up.
The men pulled guns and fired on Mr. Gaby, hitting him in the upper body and head.
He died at the scene.
The police have not established a motive for the shooting.
The St. Andrew Central Police are also probing the execution style killing of a man along Terrence Avenue Thursday night.
Investigators reported that about 9:30 p.m., Richard Nelson, 29, who was a resident of Terrence Avenue, was walking when a car with four armed men aboard drove up.
The men accosted Mr. Nelson and shot him several times.
Investigators removed eleven 9-milimetre shell castings from the scene.

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