Violence against women reach record level in Jamaica

Acting Commissioner of Police  has disclosed that the police have arrested just over 1,400 perpetrators of crimes against women and children over the past 13 months two years ago.
Speaking at a press conference called by Prime Minister Andrew Holness at Jamaica House;She said the 1,442 people who were held between January 1 2017 and Saturday (February 4), fall within the category of assault or property crimes involving women and children.
Holness and a team of Government and security personnel addressed the media during a break of Cabinet discussions on crime fighting recommendations, which were made by the National Security Council (NSC).  
Grant outlined that 86 people were held for shooting, 67 for murder and 252 for rape. Some of the perpetrators for rape, she noted, were facing multiple charges. The figures come amidst public outcry for authorities to implement measures to stem the surge of crime and violence, especially those involving women and children.
In 2017 an 11 year old girl added that she has been left frightened after seeing the mutilated body of 14-year-old Roshane Smith, who was executed and dumped in a rubbish heap near her home along the National Heroes Circle. Another 13 year old girl by the name of Shanoya Wray went out one night in 2018 and was never seen again; It was alledged that she might’ve been killed by her Trinidadian teacher;Her remains was found soaked in a bath tub of chemicals;One of the youngest of the victims in the pics below was just three years old,she was found mutilated,the latest to fall pray to the rise in violence against women is a teacher by the name of Miss Hill who nearby residents heard begging for her life in the wee hours before they saw her partner dragging her body outside.

5 thoughts on “Violence against women reach record level in Jamaica

  1. The most heart breaking is the 3 year old baby that they butchered,how can someone lift a cutting tool towards such a small child.


  2. They soaked the thirteen year old girl’s body in chemicals to dissolve and hide her remains,It’s a good that they found the rest of her before she was completely resolve,so that’s how they got rid of the black women who went missing from around the world without a trace.


  3. I remember when they were searching for shineka gray and they found her remains near other young school girls so that was a huge find.


  4. Soak body in chemicals? it seem like this person has killed a lot of children before in jamaica and possibly other places too,or maybe he’s just a scientists.


  5. When since jamaican men start to butcher their women and kids like that it must be something imported from abroad,this is really new to me.


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