The prestige of the Jamaican blue mountain coffee

Jamaican coffee beans, grown on patches of land throughout the Blue Mountains, are known by many consumers for a complex, rich flavor, and in recent years, roasted Jamaican beans have been fetching upwards of $40 in the U.S. market.

Of all the world’s most prestigious and celebrated gourmet coffees, few are quite as prestigious as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Likewise, you won’t find many that are more expensive or hard to come across than this exquisite JAMAICAN COFFEE.

But what is it about Jamaican blue mountain coffee that makes it such a significant cut above the rest? When considering the towering costs of a bag of authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans, how does this legendary specialty coffee justify its price?

For one thing, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee can only be produced in a tiny mountainous area with Kingston to the South and Port Antonio to the North.  Jamaica’s Blue Mountains are the highest mountains in the Caribbean and the only place in the world jamaican blue mountain coffee can be produced.

Suffice to say, this adds up to relatively difficult working conditions and the impossibility of significant expansion. Most of the farms producing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee today follow the same processes and principles as they did at their origins – some having been in business for more than 200 years.

So already, you begin to get an idea as to why this celebrated jamaica coffee isn’t just any quality coffee. It’s a rare, demanding and sought-after commodity, which justifies every penny of its price and more.

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