Poverty increase in Jamaica: Capital sees bump in number of black people falling on hard times after years of decline

The number of Jamaicans living in poverty climbed to a shade below 20 per cent in 2017, a document released by the Government has revealed. Ministry Paper 51, which was tabled in the Senate yesterday, indicated that 19.3 per cent of the majority black Jamaican population was living below the poverty line. This is 2.2 percentage points higher than the 17.1 per cent recorded for 2016. The figures were included in a report drafted by the finance ministry using data from the Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions. According to the document, the increase was fuelled by a 5.2 percentage point spike in poverty in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA). “The report also informed that the KMA, after recording declines for four consecutive years, registered the largest increase in poverty, reflecting a decline in mean per capita consumption in real terms by 30 per cent,” the ministry paper said. Poverty in other towns climbed by 4.1 percentage point, the second straight year it went up, “which worsened the standard of living in that region”. Government Senator Aubyn Hill quickly fired back, saying that the administration had “nothing to be ashamed about”. He said that not only was Jamaica’s unemployment rate at historic lows, but that billions of dollars had been pumped into the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education for the current fiscal year “to take care of those persons who might be having a little difficulty”.

8 thoughts on “Poverty increase in Jamaica: Capital sees bump in number of black people falling on hard times after years of decline

  1. But how so?
    Perhaps its the cynic in me but from watching past trends;I cant help but think some of these agency reports are skewed to support whichever side is in power…the large inequity between the wealthy and impoverished hardly supports some of the ministers claims.


  2. What happen to all the projects that was promised by the opposition party (PNP) to help to stabilize the capital and keep vulnerable women and men like these off the streets.


  3. Well the PNP is not in power anymore so all those projects are scrapped while some of them ended up where you’ll find mostly tourists people.


  4. How are these politicians going to achieve vision 2030 if they cannot do something as simple as take their homeless people off the streets and provide shelter for them.


  5. This is why I always say poverty is racism,most of the times,yet not in al cases but most it’s always the black skin ones that end up on the streets with nowhere to sleep.


  6. Portia Miller was getting black people like these off the streets and giving them free houses in partnership with a jamaican charity a few years ago,somebody never liked it and kicked her out of power,now black people are everywhere strewn all over the streets begging for food and money,sometimes they go for days without a wash.


  7. The homeless women and children are being raped killed and sometimes trafficked out of the island by people who promised them a better life abroad.


  8. But it need’nt be like this because a lot of those derelect buildings can be used as homeless shelters,all these non visionary people had to do was put doors windows in and fix the roofs,then buy cheap bed sponge and place them in the buildings for the homeless to sleep on. You do not need to build new buildings to shelter people,so I don’t know what these politicians are waiting on.


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