University hospital of the west indies team finds solution for surgical smoke

CONSULTANT plastic surgeon at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) Dr Rajiv Vengopaul and a team from the Department of Surgery have come up with an affordable solution to tackle surgical smoke in operating theatres.

The solution is expected to be a helpful tool in ensuring the health and wellness of theatre personnel, as the team, having established that surgical smoke affects all members in the operating theatre, also recognises that commercially designed smoke extractors are not readily available in Third World countries due to the cost.

In an interview with Jamaica Information Service ( JIS) News, Dr Vengopaul explained that the need to find a solution became necessary, as the environment created in the operating theatre by necessary work tools was affecting his health.

He said that he and his team undertook research on how to eliminate surgical smoke, explaining that it was important, as the study dealt with occupational health.

It featured the process of treating with smoke that is related to the use of an electrocautery machine, which is commonly used in surgery.

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