Rock Steady:The easy beat of rock steady must be in the summer music academy
















This Genre of music only existed for a short period of time, which led into reggae.

Original recordings are now hard to find, but the songs are still being played on retro programs on radios and”Oldies Parties”.

The Rocksteady Sound

Like ska, rocksteady is music that was popular for street dances. However, unlike the wild ska dancing (called skanking), rocksteady provides a slower, mellower beat, allowing for more relaxed dancing. Rocksteady bands, such as Justin Hinds and the Dominoes, frequently performed without a horn section and with a strong electric bass line, paving the way for many reggae bands that did the same.

Rocksteady essentially went away by the end of the 1960s, but it didn’t really die out; rather, it evolved into what we now know as reggae. Many bands that we think of as ska bands or reggae bands did, in fact, release at least one rocksteady record during that era, and much modern ska and reggae-influenced bands use the rocksteady sound on their albums (most notably No Doubt, on their album titled “Rocksteady”).

You can listen it here

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