Mouth watering dumplings:Who started the trend

Dumplings are one of biggest food trends in restaurants and home kitchens across the globe. And once you start craving dumplings, it can be hard to not indulge on every occasion you get the chance! the only thing you should submerge your lil dumplings in is water. Just fill the pot to about two-thirds full, boil, plop about 4-5 dumplings in, and wait until they float. Before retrieving them from their hot tub-like experience, give them an extra two to three minutes for good measure. Viola!

History of Chinese Dumplings

According to legend, Chinese doctor Zhang Zhongjian invented Chinese dumplings during the Han Dynasty.  Chinese cooks have enjoyed a version known as iiaozi for more than 1,800 years. According to legend, Chinese stuffed dumplings were invented during the Han Dynasty by a man named Zhang Zhongjian. The event occurred when Zhang returned to his ancestral village during the winter, after a long absence. He noticed that many of his fellow citizens were suffering from frostbite, particularly around their ears. As a way to solve this problem, Zhang cooked up a batch of mutton, chili and healing herbs and wrapped them in scraps of dough. He folded the dumplings to look like little ears, boiled them and handed them out to his afflicted neighbors. Who knows if they cured frostbite, but the villagers loved the taste of Zhang’s creation so much that they kept making the dumplings long after spring began.

It is unknown whether his carefully thought out mixture actually worked but the villagers enjoyed his creation so much that they continued to make it for years to come. The tradition has continued long after this occurrence and Chinese dumplings are now one of the most popular Chinese takeaway dishes of all, available at restaurants all over the globe.

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