Khalia:Summer Body Song Is Infectious

khalia summer body.With summer just around the corner and trying to get fit for the beach parties and walkies,summer body by khalia could’nt be more appropriate.

I’m doing my workout out ruitine to her summer body song,I just put it on loop and thats it done!

The sun has been teasing us over the last few weeks, combine this with the fact that we are now in May, many people will be thinking about their holidays so that can only mean one thing for this week a Summer body workout!

If you want to look awesome on the beach this Summer then give yourself a Summer body workout.

21 thoughts on “Khalia:Summer Body Song Is Infectious

  1. every new listen make sound better!!!!! so lovely song 🙂 🙂 :-)! 🙂 I AM ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!💎😉💓🔥👑💎💪🙏💅💅


  2. She has the most amazing voice out of any artists in the world!! can’t believe I’m just hearing this angel sing.😍😍😍😍😍😍


  3. I don’t understand how dark skin men and women always calling for cleaner lyrics and darker skin,but when they get girls like khalia and jah9 they sleep on them.


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