Easter holiday tips for family

Holidays bring the family closer!

It’s that time again and the Easter holidays are here You know what that means: chocolate frenzy for everyone! the highlight of Easter morning is cracking into that first delicious mouthful of your prized Cadbury chocolate Easter egg; Easter eggs work wonderfully well for adding a fun element during the holiday and children absolutely love them.

The best way to celebrate Easter is by making Easter goodies with your family. Make Easter egg chocolates with your family to have an awesome time. These fun moments will always be cherished in life.

Go to the beach

If you don’t want to spend all day cooped up at home, you can spend the day at the beach with your family. It’s always fun to run around and laugh with your loved ones.

Play games

Arrange for special Easter games for your family. It could be jigsaw puzzles, scrabble and counting games. This is yet another fun way to spend good time with your family on Easter Sunday.


Easter egg hunt How many times do most parents set up an elaborate game for the kids to enjoy before watching the delightful event unfold.

Sunrise Service: Attend one offered by a church,


Set up a (small!) pop up tent, or create a den under the table, or get creative and build your own structure.If you do not have any kids as yet,make a swing in your back garden and play,have fun with your partner.

Bake Hot Cross Buns: Traditional Good Friday fare for the family to make and eat together.

Plan a Walk – Whatever the Weather

Physical exercise is good for everyone and safe exposure to sunlight enables the body to make vitamin D.



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