My Summer Songs 2019


My summer songs for 2019

It’s spring and soon to be summer and this spring I’ve compiled some really easy to listen anthems, I’m listening to these great easy jams;I’ve already started to tap into that sweet vibe because music help me to stat focus and get my work done on time,plus I’ve got excuse to listen to some of my favorite solos and duets,and these are what I’m liking right now. What will you be listening to in this warm weather?

Elton John – Nikita

Sacred Spirit.Yeha-Noha(Wishes Of Happiness And Prosperity)

Wyclef Jean, Canibus – Gone Till November

Wham! – I’m Your Man

Lighthouse Family – Ocean Drive

Islands In The Stream HQ – Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

Lighthouse Family – Lifted

Ly O Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance) ~ Native Song


Leo Rojas – El Condor Pasa

Leo Rojas – Circle of Life


12 thoughts on “My Summer Songs 2019

  1. Most Jamaican children are familiar with islands in the stream by Kenny rogers and dolly parton,that song hijacked the radio stations,my bus driver use to blast it on my way to school and all the kids in the bus would start to sing as soon as it started playing,those days were innocent and fun.


  2. I’ve always loved that song by wyclef jean,glad that you posted it here as a matter of fact I’m going to listen it now on YouTube.


  3. The native Americans are new to me but I like the songs in the article, I listen a few of them a while ago and the’re good,that Rojas guy know his flute.


  4. Baby I’m your maaaan if you gonna do it,do it right,why did I let you suck me into this?,now I can’t get George Michael song out of my head.


  5. The lighthouse family use to be one of my favorite group back in the day,but it seem that they went quiet for a while, hope they come back with a new album.


  6. Its just the other day I was thinking that I need to update my summer list and bang bang here is my new list;To be frank I was getting tired of listening to my old playlist cos there’s only so much of one thing the ear can take.


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