Spring Is Just Around The Corner


Its Almost spring again.

Spring is just around the corner;The birds are already appearing and chirping in the wee hrs of the mornings. For those that live near farms and lakes will experience the wild teeming with avian life;The seeds that were planted are already sprouting green,within weeks they will become colorful as the gray days and long dark nights lighten. The cherry trees are said to be one of the stars of spring when the blossoms frame the twigs on the trees,making it one of the most beautiful sights in spring;Admiring the blossoms can become quite an obsession for some.

Many animals mate around spring so we can expect to see lots of baby animals around this season,the other cycle that happen mostly in spring are the rainfalls which help to stimulate plant growth;Hibernating animals will be seen a plenty and the air will be filled with tiny insects. Some animals will also be shedding and by the month of May there will be a complete rebirth with lots of sunny spells as nature warms with life.

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