It’s Time For Thick Socks And Stockings

The weather is in its coldest months and it’s that time when we have to dress as warm as possible to survive,so here are a few good tips.

1) Wear thick stockings with padded ankle or knee boots to ward off cold air from knees and ankles,if you do not have winter boots you can opt for wooly socks worn over stockings in a comfy pair of trainers or flat padded shoes.

2) Make sure to wear a comfortable long sleeved T-shirt inside your fleece or wooly jumper;Some jumpers can be uncomfortable and itchy if its worn alone,so wear one to two shirts inside,then put on your proper winter jacket or coat.

3) Beanie hats are still fashionable so invest in an earth tone thick beanie hat that can be worn with anything,if you do not like beanie hats you can go for a head scarf,but make sure that the material is thick enough to ward off cold blitz,trapper hats are very good to with stand cold weather,some are kinda heavy but worth it.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time For Thick Socks And Stockings

  1. Its spring and it has become warm and sunny on some days,but last night my feet were frozen even though I kept my stockings on when I went to bed.


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