British Dad 45 Among 50 Jamaicans Being Sent Back On A Chartered Flight

The last time there was a flight to Jamaica like this was 2016,when a little over fifty were sent back to the Caribbean,some were in handcuffs according to one news source,many today are still facing windrush issues; Some of the men on this new planned flight have been in the UK since they were children one such person is Owen hainsley who came over at the age of four in 1977,he said that he ain’t got no family in Jamaica and he’s never been there since he left in 1977;I don’t know anything else apart from england he said.

Among those to be on the deported flight is a twenty two year old who has been in the UK from age 14. He got a deportation order after a dangerous driving conviction,Mr Brown said that the home office told him that he was not integrated into British society,but he disputed it while saying his misus is English and he feels very English too, he said he’s missing his friends already,he has been suffering from anxiety and depression ever since and is left stressed out as he has not been able to access his medication.

Twane Morgan is a Commonwealth soldier who served in the British army in his twenties,but after several years he was discharged with post traumatic stress disorder,and ten years later a psychiatrist him for complex trauma PTSD:Morgan has five children in the UK and has no family in Jamaica.

According to another news source one of who is to be sent back was born in the UK,he does not wish to be named.

A rasta man is also booked on the flight for possession of ganja. A chartered flight to Jamaica was booked last spring but was canceled so this is the first one since 2016,these kind of flights are known as secret night flights.

Some of the men did not want to be identified; They’re afraid that their British accents and appearance might be a clear give away that they’re British and not Caribbean and might put them at risk for violence.

Another Rodney not his real name moved to the UK at age five and was served a deportation order after drug offences; I’m feeling broken to be honest he added,I’m a ghost right nose,I’m just an immigrant even though I’ve been here for nineteen years.

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