How To Keep Warm In The Winter

Sometimes it can get so cold in the winter that a head scarf or normal beanie hat is not enough

to keep the cold off,especially when your neck is left bare,and even when you wear a scarf around your neck the chill sometimes creep over parts of the skin that’s left exposed,which can leave you feeling a bit frustrated.
The cold winter air can be an irritant when it starts to creep into your nostrils till it burns so much it leaves your eyes watery.
That’s the reason I use balaclavas instead of beanie hats especially when you’re traveling outside during snowy days,so make sure to buy a good balaclava.

Another great head and neck warmer is the trapper hat,they come in various styles and some can be quite fashionable;The trapper hat normally has a peak at the front that covers the forehead and two flaps at the sides that keeps your ears warm,some have enough material sewn at the back of the hat which covers the nape of the neck,a very good winter warmer.

Wool neck warmer is another option;The Wool neck warmers are very comfy and it keeps your neck and face warm and protected from the cold,and other elements,very good to wear when the temperature drops.

9 thoughts on “How To Keep Warm In The Winter

  1. Fleece jumpers times two is good for rebuffing the cold,I cover my nose with a flannel if its foggy but the O.P is right balaclavas and wooly neck jumpers are better.


  2. Going on a bike or bicycle ride in the winter,then balaclava is a must,but if you’re going to camp in the cold the trapper hat is best.


  3. I spent years in warm weathers as a diver and coast guard,glad that I’m not living where people have to dress in bulky and uncomfortable clothes.


  4. Its just the other day I was saying to a friend that I was tired of shuffling around my scarf under my chin,I might give the trapper hat or wooly neck a try.


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