Caribbean And UK Weather News In Brief

Tips on the weather for new years eve and new years

If you’re planning a trip to the caribbean the weather in those region known as the tropics bring warmth year round,but in December it’s slightly cooler than most previous months,it will be mostly sunny on 31 December and same on January 01 in Jamaica where the sea will be warm and pleasant with an average temperature of 28 C.

As for the UK the weather on new years eve to new years day will be ok;According to the met 2018 was one of the warmest year on record and it is set to end calmly with sunny intervals and gentle breeze in most parts of the uk,and party goers may not need their heavy and thick winter warmers.

3 thoughts on “Caribbean And UK Weather News In Brief

  1. The tourists areas are boom she boom sha lalala,it should not be so slavery end long time ago,everywhere in Jamaica should be boom she boom sha lalala!!!


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