Moon Exploration: Chang’e 4 Rover On Its Way To The Moon

Chang’e 4 Rover created by china’s aerospace and technology cooporation.

It was on display in november in China aviation and aerospace exhibition,it was sent to space last saturday to land on the dark side of the moon.

It is a ground breaking mission to land on the unexplored side of the moon. The 3B rocket carrying a lunar probe blasted off at 2:23 a.m. saturday local time from the Xichang satellite launch centre in southwestern china,the official xinhua news agency report.

The moon far side is known as the dark side because it is not shown on earth,but instead faces away from earth and is unknown. It’s one one of the most important lunar exploration.

China’s first moon rover yutu or jade rabbit explored the side of the moon facing earth in 2013.

But the new rover chang’e will explore above and beyond the surface when it arrives at south pole aitken basin’s von karman crater following its 27:days journey.

It will perform studies of astrological radio activities.

Seeds plants and silk worm eggs may also be on the space craft mission. Chang’e is the goddess of the moon in chinese mythology.

9 thoughts on “Moon Exploration: Chang’e 4 Rover On Its Way To The Moon

  1. Would like travel to the moon one day when I get older,astronauts must find it fun to be bobbing around in those fast rockets.


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