The Missing:219,484 African American Have Gone Missing Since 2017

A frightening number of african american have gone missing in 2017

This is like something from the twilight zone.

Are they being abducted by aliens? It has now become apparent that some serial predators are lurking around the vulnerable.

This is quite a worrying sign especially for people like myself that has been experiencing extreme stalking these last few years.

The national crime information has reported that 219,484 black people and those that identify as african american are missing since 2017. Black juveniles under 18 years old made 77.1 per cent of the missing.

African american made up 13.4 percent of the country’s population in 2017.

According to one news source,missing black people rarely get urgent coverage from major news outlets so they seek alternatives in organizing protests about misrepresentation or through word of mouth.

The latest missing African American is 19 year old caniya johnson,anyone that have seen her should call south detectives at 312 747 8274.


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